Host & Company is this island’s most experienced and successful hospitality and food public relations company. That success is driven by an industry knowledge that is second to none. We use that knowledge, along with a respect for and understanding of the media who we work with every day, to get more effective ongoing exposure for our clients than their competitors.
Our team is trusted by some of the world’s biggest hospitality brands as well as our local food heroes. We have spent the last 17 years helping hospitality and food businesses tell their stories and helping them find that precious balance between staying commercially successful and being newsworthy.

Food & Drink

Context and first-hand knowledge is critical when creating strategies for business around food and drinks. We know the food trends that are working right now in New York, LA, Copenhagen, London, Lisbon, Paris and Sydney. We know where to eat in Tokyo, Mexico City or Beirut. Eating in dozens of the Michelin 1, 2 and 3-stars all over the world every year as well as in countless neighbourhood restaurants, new businesses and old hands gives us a sweep of context we can apply to any food-centred hospitality proposition.
As happy in one of our favourite restaurants with its plastic chairs and no website as we are having the crumbs swept from the linen tablecloth between courses, we’re just hungry to know as much as we can, and our experience means we can help our clients stay informed.
Obviously this helps our PR clients – whether they have Michelin stars or simply serve proper fish and chips – keep an edge on their competition. Separate from the PR services of Host & Co., over the last decade we have organically developed a standalone consultancy arm. We only take on a handful of projects a year. This limited and exclusive service helps existing and new food and drink propositions ensure that they are ahead of existing trends and find that sweet spot between being busy and newsworthy.

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We have the best client roster on the island. If you would like to be part of that roster please get in touch.
We always advise shopping around before considering engaging any public relations company, keeping the following in mind:
· experience and detailed knowledge in the sector
· very recent track record and current client list
· references from relevant media
· up to date testimonials


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